Innovative Technology

Remember, you’re not paying to have someone else’s system put on your roof. To give you the results you want, your system must be built around your usage history and requirements, your roof space and home orientation, and your objectives. To design and install the right system for you, Black Platinum Solar & Electric has carefully selected its technology for its:

  • Quality,
  • Reliability, and
  • Price-to-performance ratio.

As a result we only install one brand of inverter–the Enphase Energy Microinverter–with its monitoring and analysis component–the Enphase Enlighten Monitoring and Analysis System.

We offer the LG Electronics NeON2 solar panel line. Here is why we like this line:

  • LG offers a 12 year material and workmanship and a 25 year production warranty.
  • The panel efficiency ratings are also in the high range at 18.9 to 19.2%.
  • The power tolerance is at 0% to +3% of overall DC power rating.