Important information about net metering reform decision

by Aimee on November 19, 2013

Arizona solar Phoenix Scottsdale rebate installing solar panels financingPost #10 - What APS residential customers need to know about the Arizona Corporation Commission net metering reform decision:

  1. Current rooftop solar customers are not affected. They are grandfathered under current net metering rules for 20 years, regardless if home ownership changes.
  2. Customers who submit a signed contract with a solar installer and an interconnection application (including all required design documents) to APS by December 31, 2013, also will be grandfathered.
  3. Starting January 1, 2014, new residential solar customers will get full retail net metering credit for the solar they produce, but they will be subject to a monthly charge to help pay for their use of the electric grid.
  • This monthly charge, based on the size of the solar system installed, is $0.70 cents per kilowatt, or $4.90 per month for the typical sized system.
  • The ACC decision also directed APS to provide quarterly reports on the pace of rooftop solar adoption to assist the ACC in considering further increases to the charge.
  • The new policy will be in effect until the next APS rate case, which will be filed in 2015.

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