The Straight Scoop on APS Incentives for Homeowners…IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/7/11: $1/Watt Incentives for the Rest of 2011

by Toni Black on September 7, 2011

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Solar is alive and well in our Valley of the Sun. And the proof is in how quickly homeowners have signed up for APS’ Standard Incentive program dollars…and even at the lower rate of $1.45 per watt. The money for this program is currently fully allocated to homeowners who have already submitted applications to install grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) systems. But all is not lost. Black Platinum Solar has three suggested scenarios for you:

  • APS still has between $2 million and $2.5 million available through its Rapid Reservation program. With this program, you’ll receive a smaller rebate—just $1 per watt—but if you are eager to get started, this is your current option. UPDATE: APS reports that currently they are only accepting applications for the Rapid Reservation rate of $1/watt.

But you do have a couple longer-term incentive options:

  • Since any dollars not allocated through the Rapid Reservation program by the end of September 2011, will be re-allocated to the Standard Incentive program on October 1, you can wait until then to try to reserve your rebate at the higher $1.45 per watt rate. UPDATED 9/10: The $1/watt incentive rate will be carried through the end of the year.
  • Or, you can wait until January 2012 when the Standard Incentive program will be fully funded again.

While there is no guarantee that the incentive rate in 2012 will remain at $1.45, we have seen the total cost of PV systems remain fairly constant for the past few years. Even as rebate rates have declined, tax incentives have remained the same, technology has become more efficient and solar panel prices have come down.

The bottom line: Don’t succumb to hard sell or scare tactics, and choose the Rapid Reservation without knowing all the facts. Even with the latest news that the $1/watt rate will hold through the end of the year, you still want to invest in PV on your timetable. 

Black Platinum Solar will keep you fully informed. And when the time is right, we can handle the APS rebate reservation process for you. So, check back on our site regularly for the latest information and what it means to you.

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Click here to see the most updated report on the available APS incentives.

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