What Can I Do to Be Energy Efficient in Arizona? Part 3

by Toni Black on July 15, 2011

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I want to conclude my series of posts on energy efficiency with a big way to save. At Black Platinum Solar & Electric we think this may be one of the most overlooked issues in energy efficiency because it’s less a matter of do this/don’t do that and more about taking time to scale your efforts. I call it “Avoiding Overkill.” Let me explain.

Avoid Overkill: Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be about doing without or making compromises. It’s just a matter of paying attention to waste and…well…overkill. I’m sure you can find several more examples in your life, but here are my three to get you started:

  • When was the last time you went through your house room by room and evaluated the light bulbs? If you typically select 100-watt bulbs without thinking about your actual needs, you may be using way more wattage than necessary. And that costs.
  • And then there’s the matter of charging up your cell phone. If you automatically charge it overnight, that’s overkill because it only takes an hour or two to fully charge. The rest of the time is wasted electricity.
  • Most important of all, there’s the matter of setting temperatures in your home. If you don’t have programmable thermostats, we suggest installing them right away. It’s easy enough to do that you can probably install them yourself. Now, instead of set it and forget it, you can program your temperatures to a typical day’s activity. For example, if you get up at 6 AM, in winter you can set the thermostat to start warming the bedroom around 5:30 so you’ll be comfortable when you get up. And if everyone is out of the house by 9, then lower the temperature several degrees. And so on. A few degrees higher in summer and lower in winter will make a big difference.

Saving energy is important. So is saving money, and at Black Platinum Solar & Electric we specialize in helping our customers get a handle on their electric bills. Call or email us; we’ll be happy to explain.

Looking for solar installers in Phoenix? Black Platinum Solar & Electric custom designs and installs residential photovoltaic systems. We handle everything required to install and activate your PV system. Black Platinum is a certified installer of Enphase Energy microinverter systems and an Arizona Public Service Qualified Solar Installer (QSI).

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