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We know what it’s like to be a customer. We want quality service and reliable products. You do too. We want a company we can trust–one that will deliver strong, consistent results…on time and within budget. You’re no different. That is why we are so pleased to have built a company that can offer you the exact same service we would hope for.

But please, don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying:


“You’ll see a Premium badge next to our Premium Installers, who’ve earned special recognition for their commitment to installing Enphase. These installers also appear first in our search listings.” Enphase.com

Solar home Phoenix solar Arizona installing solar panels logvin


“In my view, Black Platinum exhibited the highest ethical standards and professional expertise throughout this solar electric project. Your company went far beyond our expectations to ensure the project was completed in a most timely manner with the highest quality standards. Your constant communication with us, follow up with the supplier (and utility), and personal sacrifices to ensure our satisfaction were extraordinary.” M. Logvin, Phoenix


“Thank you ALL so much for everything!! You have been absolutely amazing to work with. We are truly grateful, and I will be sure to refer you to everyone I work with who is considering solar!! OUTSTANDING!! C. Wullbrandt, Phoenix


“I am a customer service professional, employed for 33 years at IBM. I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED by John Black’s and his team’s professionalism, project quality, accuracy, communications and courtesy. In fact, I am so satisfied, that I have already moved forward with additional projects with John and his team. BRAVO!” M. Wulff, Cave Creek


“John Black is the most dependable contractor I have ever hired. His attention to detail and his willingness to explain options, etc. was outstanding. Additionally, he always showed up when he said he would and did the work he said he would do on that day. It was a pleasure doing business with John Black.” L. Hervey, Scottsdale


“John, you still walk on water!” J. Abrahamson, Desert Hills


“To John & Company, Thanks for the attention and great work you did installing and getting our solar system up and running. Your care for details really matters and is great to see.” The Schmidts


Black Platinum Solar installed our Photovoltaic Solar System and I would like to explain to any future clients why we are so pleased that we chose Black Platinum.

First, our due diligence process was lengthy. My husband works with computers and is a software architect and has to understand how everything works, the logic behind every decision, and that quality components are used. We became very frustrated gathering quotes from solar companies who all used sales people who could not answer most of our questions. John Black was the only one who could give us thorough explanations. He talked facts instead of giving us a sales pitch, which we really appreciated. He always responded promptly and took as much time as we needed to understand the answers we were seeking.

Second, during the permitting and installation process he consistently kept us informed through out each step. He showed up when he said he’d be here and his staff was very professional and courteous.
Third, now that our system is up and running he still always makes himself available to immediately return our calls or emails when we have additional questions.

We feel that it was the right decision to work with a smaller company, though very experienced, who is detail oriented, who is accountable and has so much integrity and where each person takes pride in their work. We have no regrets and can highly recommend John and Toni Black for any one considering installing a solar system. The West’s, Paradise Valley

Solar home Phoenix solar Arizona installing solar panels foxA VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER

“I got that [Enlighten] alert while I was at work, I did not have time to respond. Thank you soooo much for looking into it for me! You are the BEST!!!! The electric bills are non-existent. I had a $243 credit [APS utility service], so that is paying all my bills this year! I LOVE my solar!!!!” D. Fox, Phoenix


“I obtained bids from six companies prior to selecting Black Platinum Solar to install my solar power plant. My two-story house does not have a lot of southern real estate for panels, but I wanted to get the largest system possible. Black Platinum`s bid provided the largest kW STC system size of all the bids, almost three times the size of the smallest bid. Black Platinum had no problem with any of my several change requests, even relocating a furnace flue to squeeze one more panel in. John Black, owner, spent hours on the phone and in person explaining the technology, and working on the design. Every aspect of this project exceeded my expectations. I must say that Black Platinum Solar ranks at the top of my satisfaction list of all companies that I have ever done business with. Now if only I could find a dentist and auto mechanic with the same honesty, friendliness, and work ethic.” B. Kolkebeck, Anthem


“There was an issue with the city permitting, and Black Platinum dealt with it very professionally. I did not have to take any time to deal with the situation. They did the research into it, and resolved the problem with little delay in the project. I was very pleased with the service. They still send messages to ensure the system is working properly!” M. Detmer, Buckeye


“Black Platinum explained all details in advance, talked about options, gave an itemized proposal, and recommended a system size estimated to supply all needed power over a year. The system was installed on schedule and works fine, providing expected output. We really appreciated the personal attention and excellent work provided by John Black and his team!” R. Crowe, Cave Creek

AVAILABLE TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONSolar home Phoenix solar Arizona installing solar panels robbins

“John Black, [vice] president of BLACK PLATINUM SOLAR & ELECTRIC, INC and his people were a pleasure to have worked with. John and his organization were extremely knowledgeable and professional. I chose Black Platinum because they presented a solar system that met my requirements and offered the latest technology in DC/AC invertors, the Enphase microinverter. In addition, I liked John’s installation philosophy to hide the work so nothing would be visible on the exterior other than the meter. John and his organization not only speak to customer service and satisfaction but deliver on those ideals. John has a very engaging personality, and I enjoyed our conversations about solar and the newer technology he is utilizing. He was always available to answer any question and encourages his customers to become more informed and knowledgeable about solar. I am extremely satisfied with the performance of my system. I feel extremely confident my decision to have Black Platinum do my solar has been validated and would not hesitate to have Black Platinum do additional solar work for me.

I had the highest confidence in the contractor I selected in terms of ability to get the job done properly. The city and the utility made the installation more difficult by requiring unexpected upgrade work be done that was not directly related to the solar system. The contractor did the upgrades with no additional work to me. I believe the contractor showed a great deal of patience and integrity.” A. Robbins, Glendale


“This project exceeded my expectations in all categories. I just hope I can work with John and Toni Black again. Every once in the while you find a contractor that is competent, forthright, honest, and in every way a pleasure to work with—that describes Black Platinum!” T. Andreski, Buckeye

Solar home Phoenix solar Arizona installing solar panels rossPERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL

“I enjoyed working with John and his staff. The relationship was personal and professional. It is important to me to work directly with the contractor and installers…like John…not a large, impersonal sales staff.” C. Ross, Scottsdale


“From the very beginning communication was fantastic. I rarely had to ask a question. The work on the project was fast and according to plan. I am extremely pleased.” L. Miller, Desert Hills


“Black Platinum installed my Solar Electric System.
From the very beginning it was a pleasure working with not only John, the owner,
but with his entire staff.
On day 1 I put out request for 4 bids for my Solar project.
1 called back 3 days later and was rude and uninformative.
1 called back, 2 weeks later.
1 never returned my call.
John called me back, personally, 3 hours after I left a message.

He sent me some information immediately, and the next day came over to my house to look at my house setup and discuss my interest in installing Solar Electric.

As we started the information process, John was upfront about what it would cost, how long it would take, and what I could expect from installing the system.  He encouraged me to research the information he provided about the products and brands he would be using, thanked me, and requested that I get back to him once I made my decision.

I not only researched his company, but went on-line and looked at the systems
he already installed and spoke with one of those residential customers owners
who had their system installed by Black Platinum.  All I heard was “first class”,
“quality”, “love his work”, “exactly as he said it would be”.

I found no complaints filed against him or his company, only positive reviews,
and decided I would continue the project with John.  I liked that he presented himself and his company as top-of-the-line quality, was as interested in Solar Electric as a concept as well as just a job – he was an electrical engineer, I think, before he retired and then didn’t like being retired, which is why he was now installing Solar.

As we continued the project, he set up a timetable of how the project would proceed, how much I would have to pay at certain times during the project, what I could expect in rebates and tax incentives – at the same time telling me to consult my CPA/tax advisor to confirm his facts. We discussed and agreed on the options I had to select – the specific brands and equipment – and when I could expect delivery and installation.

John was available for questions and to discuss any part of the project either when I called or emailed, and never got back to me with answers more than 1 day after calling or leaving a message.

Once the project was completed, he was always available for questions about performance or anything system related.  Several weeks after the project was completed, I received a $550 check in the mail – he had overstated the city fees in the estimate and refunded the difference.

From the beginning of the project – the immediate return of my initial call to the unexpected refund, John and everyone I came in contact with, were professional, honest, and did everything to make the project move forward to completion.

The quality of work, and how they went about that work was noticeable and appreciated.  John’s insistance on doing things in accordance with his engineering background as well as the “standards” of the Solar industry did not go unnoticed either.

I absolutely love the Solar system installed, the quality and performance (my electric bill is 1/3 what it used to be) and is everything (actually more) than John said it would be.

It was a pleasure doing business with John, and his staff.” Paul

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