UPDATED: APS and ACC Vote Delayed For Rate Hike Increase and Grandfathering Date

by Aimee on June 18, 2017

Post #16  –  APS and ACC Vote Delayed For Rate Hike Increase and Grandfathering Date 

Sometimes delays are good, especially when the additional time could save you money. We’ve been told that the proposed Arizona Public Service (APS) rate hike case currently before the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) was not voted on at their June meeting because it wasn’t on the agenda as planned. We’ve also been advised that the rate case will now not be voted on until the mid-July meeting at the earliest, so the new grandfathering effective date will be July 15th, or possibly later — no one knows.

What does this mean for you? As a current APS customer looking to install solar or expand your existing solar system, there is still a bit more time to take advantage of the current rate plans and savings to ensure you are grandfathered in at the most optimal plan for you.

It is critical for prospective APS solar customers interested in installing solar to provide Black Platinum Solar & Electric with your signed quote, contract, and deposit by July 3, 2017. This will allow us time to design and upload plans and complete all required documents and submit those with your APS Application before the unknown new deadline to ensure your current rates are grandfathered in for the next 20 years. (Note: This July 3rd Black Platinum deadline date is dependent on if the ACC votes and approves the rate case at their mid-July meeting).

Go green, make an impact, increase your home value, reduce your monthly electric bills and let the sun power your home. Call Black Platinum Solar & Electric today at 623-434-3340 for a free estimate on a Photovoltaic system.

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