What Customers Are Saying About Enphase

Between the Enphase Energy microinverter technology and Enlighten web-based, real-time monitoring and analysis service, our customers are very happy homeowners.

Here are a few of the comments that we’ve received at Black Platinum Solar:

Exceeded My Expectations
Solar home phoenix solar arizona installing solar panel

“Our solar photovoltaic system was installed on Feb 13, 2009. It has already exceeded my expectations, and we haven’t started air conditioning season yet. My first utility bill was only $15 compared to over $100 for a typical winter month. It would have been zero except my billing period started a few days before the system was activated. What I like most about the system is the Enphase modules which allow me to monitor each individual panel every day from any internet connection. I believe I am getting more energy out of each panel because the Enphase modules also convert the DC from each panel to AC so that DC losses are minimized. Another plus is I don’t have a big, hot, noisy inverter sitting in my garage.” - Steve Buchwalter

Really Neat

“Hi John, This is amazing. We are in the (Australian) rain forest. Absolutely no signs of civilization, in the middle of absolutely dense forest, and I am able to get on the internet. Such is technology!!! I checked my solar panels, and we were able to see the entire panels working for the past seven days. It was really neat…” - Jay P.

Thank You Soooo Much
Solar home Phoenix solar Arizona installing solar panels

“I got that [Enlighten] alert while I was at work, I did not have time to respond. Thank you soooo much for looking into it for me! You are the BEST!!!! The electric bills are non-existent. I had a $243 credit [APS utility service], so that is paying all my bills this year! I LOVE my solar!!!!” - D. Fox