Developing Solar Innovation

Developing Solar Innovation

Solar technology is quickly moving beyond our home installations and solar farms. It's finding its way into all manner of innovative projects and new applications that have the potential to change energy generation in this country...and around the world. If this trend continues-and we see no reason why it shouldn't-solar has the potential to bring our infrastructure into the 21st century and become truly ubiquitous.

Because we're excited about these programs, we'll be using this page to share exciting developments in solar innovation with you.

Coming Soon-EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Stations

Coming Soon-EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Stations

Last year, the EV Project began installing charge station infrastructure in the Phoenix area. This is described as "the largest deployment of EVs and charge infrastructure." Phoenix and Tucson join cities California, Oregon, Washington State, Texas, Tennessee and Washington, DC, to be among the first deployments.

Black Platinum Solar & Electric, LLC can install your residential charging stations.

In conjunction with the launch of Nissan's zero-emission electric vehicle (the Leaf) electric vehicle charge stations are being installed throughout Maricopa County.

Solar Highways

Charging stations are one thing. Now imagine your highways, surface streets, even your driveways as part of a nationwide photovoltaic grid simultaneously generating energy and delivering electricity, phone, cable TV, Internet service and more directly to your home.

Is This the Solar House of the Future?

When it comes to solar power and its applications, we can certainly say that we live in exciting, innovative times.

One of the events we like to follow is the Solar Decathlon-both the U.S. competition and the International event. We thought you might feel inspired by Virginia Tech's LUMENHAUS. The project, which began in 2002, is the collaborative effort of students and professors from several academic departments. The design is BauHaus-inspired and a technological masterpiece that takes full advantage of natural light, solar power and rainwater for potable uses.

This project, which ranked fourth in the U.S. competition in 2009 and won International honors in Madrid in 2010, combines SMART living, RESPONSIVE living, GREEN living, COMFORTABLE and PAVILION living. You can watch Virginia Tech's videos designed to let you experience the house from the inside out.